Wall Planks FAQ’s

How do I install wall planks around light switches or power outlets?

For best results, use a jig saw or coping saw to cut planks around openings for power outlets and switches. Remove the outlet and switch faceplates, cut the planks to fit around them, then reinstall the faceplate. Faceplate may require a spacer or a plastic washer beneath the cover (or a longer screw) to hold the faceplate to the outlet. An outlet or box extender may be used to move or relocate the electrical device closer to the surface of the wall. Always ensure the power has been de-energized before working on any electrical device. Always consult with a licensed electrician before moving or relocating any electrical device.

How do I fill in nail holes?

If you have any nail holes that are not covered by trim, we recommend filling holes with appropriately color matched filler.

How do I mount things like pictures on my new wall planks?

For hanging pictures and other objects on a laminate wall, you should drill clearance holes through the laminate and mount these objects directly to wall studs with screws or nails. Drill the clearance holes through the laminate at least 1/4″ larger than the diameter of the fastener that will be used. You should NEVER attach things such as pictures, television mounts, or shelving units directly to the laminate wall. You should NEVER apply adhesive backed hooks or install screws or nails into the laminate wall for hanging objects.

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