Wall Planks Care & Cleaning

Care and cleaning: Your Swiss Krono USA Designer Wall Planks are virtually maintenance free. Normal dusting with a clean, dry cloth should be your primary cleaning method. As needed, you can damp wipe using water only, but never saturate your walls (remember, this IS wood!) Please NEVER use polishes, detergents, abrasive cleaners, soaps, or waxes of any type.

Hanging pictures and such: For hanging pictures and other objects on a laminate wall, you should drill clearance holes through the laminate and mount these objects directly to wall studs with screws or nails. Drill the clearance holes through the laminate at least 1/4″ larger than the diameter of the fastener that will be used. You should NEVER attach things such as pictures, television mounts, or shelving units directly to the laminate wall. You should NEVER apply adhesive backed hooks or install screws or nails into the laminate wall for hanging objects.

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