Designer Floor Plank 100-sq. ft. Underlayment

$0.40 Per square foot

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Underlayment, or padding as it’s often called, is the spongy, closed-cell plastic foam sheet that we offer in folded sheets. It is spread out between your planks and the subfloor to deliver superb acoustical performance, to even out imperfections in your subfloor, and to act as a vapor barrier in a below-grade room (read more here).

Underlayment is not optional. If your laminate planks don’t have it already attached, we recommend that you buy underlayment on which to install your laminate floor. If your laminate flooring planks already have an underlayment pad attached, do not use additional underlayment because doing so will void your Designer Floor Planks warranty.

To order, determine how many square feet your room is. You’ll need one package of our underlayment for every one hundred feet in your order. For example, if your room is 10 feet by 25 feet, that is 250 square feet. You’ll need to order three packages of our underlayment.

Actual Area (sq. ft.)

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Dimensions 5911198256 in

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