031-new2-293x300It may sound crazy choosing laminate floors over hardwood, but for many people, it makes perfect sense. In many houses, the weak get trampled on, scratched, stained, and scarred. If you can’t cut it, you’re out of there. We’re talking about the floors, of course. And lately, many families are replacing their battered and bruised hardwoods with beautiful, durable laminate floors and not looking back.

With small kids, big dogs, and a flurry of activities in their home, many families don’t have the time or patience to live their lives around fragile hardwood floors. Sure, they tried in the beginning. After they moved in to their home, families spend afternoon helping her adhere those furry little circles to the bottom of every chair and table leg in the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

But then they started noticing the other ugly realities of hardwoods. There were the gouges left from her sons playing “crash” with their toy cars. Or worse, when they played “crash” with their tricycles. And don’t forget the scratches that multiplied every time her dogs chased each other. It seems like families with hardwood floors are walking on eggshells.

Thanksgiving was the final straw for one family. Last year, they hosted all of their relatives, and in the course of one afternoon, the floors met their doom. It started when someone dropped the silver candlesticks, leaving meteorite-sized craters upon impact, and ended with a giant red wine stain after her father-in-law gesticulated a little too wildly.

That’s why many families choose laminates over hardwoods: so life can be easier. Once that the stress of living with hardwoods is gone from their lives, the family seems happier than ever and more comfortable in their home.