landingLEFT9-300x211If you are about to put our house on the market, you might be thinking about whether to offer an allowance to replace your dingy carpet or installing a new floor before you list the house. Wondering which one is best?While an allowance lets buyers choose new flooring for themselves, there are benefits to installing a laminate wood floor that might make your home even more attractive to buyers. First of all, it will look better during showings; buyers may not be able to look past the worn out carpet and see your home as being their new home. Also, an allowance means work: “Move-in ready” is a lot more enticing than “comes with an allowance.”Second, laminate flooring is one of the least expensive flooring options you have, and you might be able to install it yourself, saving you even more money. This might be a better way to go than a more expensive allowance for carpet or hardwoods. Even if you don’t install it yourself, laminate flooring is still quicker and easier to install than hardwoods. There is no glue, no nails, and no moving out of your house like with hardwoods. Who has time for that when you’re cleaning up for an open house?If you replace your carpet with laminate flooring, you’ll not only be presenting your home in the best possible light, but you’ll also give your home an edge. Laminates are designed to be beautiful and durable for years to come, which means buyers know right away that they won’t face the expense of replacing the floors anytime soon. What’s more, some Swiss Krono designs even come with a lifetime warranty. Imagine being able to put that in your listing description!If you are already willing to provide a carpet allowance, consider investing that money instead in a new laminate floor to give your home the best chance for a speedy sale. Be sure to read this article, “Choosing the Right Laminate Flooring Brand,” first.