8mmSpecialRoom-461x472One thing laminate flooring is known for is durability. That’s a necessity every family with pets and non-stop household activities certainly can’t live without. But if you think the story begins and ends with durability, that’s where you’re wrong. Laminates present you with a variety of style choices, too. Here’s a quick guide to understanding the five key style features that can help you find the right laminate for your home:

Plank Color and Design: You’ll want to choose a laminate flooring wood species based on the color and design pattern that best complements your room decor. For example, Swiss Krono has wood colors that range from the neutral and traditional, like oak and hickory, to the bold and exotic, like birch and mahogany.

Plank Thickness: Depending on the architecture and acoustics of your home, you may want to weigh your laminate flooring options regarding the thickness of the planks. Thicker planks provide better sound dampening, but usually come at a slightly higher price. Laminate Flooring planks come in 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm thicknesses. But even the thickest styles are priced affordably for most budgets.

Plank Size: In the same way that clothes can give the illusion of longer legs or a slimmer waistline, plank size can change the appearance of a room. Extra long planks and multiple strip planks can make small rooms appear longer or wider.

Surface Texture: If you want added realism, look for a laminate flooring with a textured plank surface. A hand scraped finish makes the laminate plank surface slightly uneven, giving it a more authentically hand-hewn hardwood look and feel. Planks with a registered embossed finish feature detailed patterns that mimic the fine indentations found along real wood grain.

Beveled Edges: Another characteristic that can make laminate flooring look even more like real hardwood floors is the addition of beveled edges. When beveled-edge planks are joined together, they create a subtle v-groove that adds visual interest and dimension to any room.

So you see, laminates aren’t just hard working floors. They can also be the foundation for a beautifully designed home, one that expresses both your style and practicality. For more details on all the style features of laminate flooring, visit our product selection.