Easy Laminate Installation Saves You Money

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You’re ready to transform a room or hallway in your home with laminate flooring, and you’re hoping to save money by installing Designer Floor Planks yourself. Swiss Krono USA offers a wealth of advice and instruction to feed your DIY-desire.

Laminate flooring has a reputation for being easy to install, regardless of the level of experience you have. Check out these guidelines to assess what skills you need to properly install laminate flooring and determine how easy your particular project is.

Our Designer Floor Planks feature a tongue-and-groove finish, so you can snap them together quickly with no sanding or curing time required. They’re light and easy to handle while installing … and no splinters!

Not sure which finish, color and style is best for your flooring upgrade? Order a free sample and see for yourself.

We have the resources to make your laminate flooring installation even faster and easier

The Swiss Krono USA website offers a number of articles and videos to take you step-by-step through the laminate flooring installation process. The Installation section can advise you on:

  • How to measure your floor to determine your floor planks order
  • What types of surfaces you can and can’t install laminate flooring over
  • Tools you’ll need to install your laminate floor
  • How to install laminate flooring on stairs
  • And a robust section with answers to our most frequently asked questions

Each order of Designer Floor Planks arrives (via free shipping!) with detailed installation instructions as well as telephone access to customer support.

Even if you decide to use professional help with your room project, a laminate floor remains a great choice. The installation ease will keep your installer’s time and your costs to a minimum.

When you’re ready to buy laminate wood flooring, visit our online Laminate Flooring Factory Outlet. You can buy overstocked laminate wood floors directly from the manufacturer and have it shipped to your home. You’ll save up to 30 percent on laminate floor planks, plus you’ll get free samples, free delivery, and free returns. And some come with a lifetime warranty — the best laminate flooring guarantee you’ll find anywhere.


Browse from our many options when you want, where you want. You’ll find flooring options that are perfect for a modern décor, the urban/industrial look, or a farm house feel.
When you buy direct from our South Carolina factory, you won’t have to pay that retail mark up. It’s the smart way to buy flooring!
Wondering if that floor style will look great in your room? Wonder no more. Our samples are free, and they are shipped to you for free.
No driving to the store. No hauling it home. We’ll do the work and ship it to your home. And we’ll pick up the shipping charges.

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