Underlayment_Diagram-2Wood laminate is a truly versatile flooring choice that can radically transform a room’s look and feel with its rich, natural-like beauty, and it’s easy to install and maintain.

In many cases, wood laminate can be installed over other flooring types — but not always. That’s when it’s critically important to go to the trouble of removing the old floor first before installing new laminate flooring.

Before you get started, check out our comprehensive “Can I Install Laminate Flooring Over This?” guide to the range of existing floor surfaces you’ll be dealing with.

Be sure your laminate flooring and subfloor meet these specifications

Regardless of whether a type of floor can be covered over, Swiss Krono USA recommends that, if you can remove the old floor, do it. There’s just simply less risk of problems down the road.

We require a clean, dry, flat, level subfloor so our American Concepts laminate flooring performs best. All subfloors (and floors you can cover over) must meet these specifications:

  1. It must be clean, smooth, dry and debris-free.
  2. It must be level within a surface deviance of no more than 1/8th of an inch over 40 inches.
  3. Any low spots must be filled in with a leveling compound.
  4. It must be covered with an underlayment padding (not optional) unless laminate wood planks have a pad already attached.
  5. It must use a 6-mm vapor barrier below the underlayment padding if being installed on a concrete subfloor.
  6. Always follow local ordinances and building codes before replacing or covering over any flooring.
  7. Check with your trash pick-up service in your area for the correct way to dispose of old flooring. Be responsible!
  8. Always follow installation instructions and wear proper safety gear (eye protection and dust mask).

When you’re ready to buy laminate wood flooring, visit our American Concepts flooring line. We have 10 different floors that are moisture resistant; their lifetime warranty protects for spills that can sit for up to 24-hours. Plus we have 13 other flooring options ranging from 12mm thick with a lifetime warranty to 7mm thick and a 15-year warranty.