For years now, we’ve been taking the recycling bin to the curb, buying organic food, and making a conscious effort to be less wasteful. But while many brands and consumers have been focused on doing what’s good for the planet, many of us have neglected to do what’s good for our own environments — the spaces inside our homes that we inhabit each and every day, for decades on end.

Since its beginning, Swiss Krono USA has gone above and beyond to do what’s better for the planet. The fresh wood fibers used in the core of our planks is harvested through ecologically sound forest thinning operations. This minimizes our impact on the environment and gives you the look of exotic hardwoods without harming any real exotic or endangered wood species. Efficiencies in our manufacturing process enable us to use almost every part of the tree, as well, creating less waste for the landfills.

But unlike many other brands of laminate flooring, Swiss Krono also does what’s better for the indoors, helping the people who live on our floors to lead healthier lives. We avoid using any harmful substances, like halogen, chloride, PVC, PCB, or dioxin in the construction of our product. Plus, the decorative paper layer that gives our planks the look of real wood is printed using water-based, low volatile organic compound (VOC) inks. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs contribute to increased levels of indoor air pollution, which can cause everything from eye, nose, and throat irritation to central nervous system damage and even cancer.

Laminate flooring that’s right for the Earth and our homes

Swiss Krono is one of very few laminate flooring brands to be awarded the FloorScore® Indoor Air Quality Certification for meeting some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOCs. Our product is designed to keep harsh chemicals out of your home, from the installation stage, which requires no glue or other toxic adhesives, to regular cleaning, which involves only dust mopping and occasional damp mopping with a 3:1 water and vinegar solution or our floor cleaner, which is available at Swiss Krono retailers.

Being “green” is about more than just doing what’s right for the Earth. It’s about doing what’s right for the millions of homes located here as well. When shopping for a laminate floor, consider a line of Swiss Krono American Concepts that offer not only high quality products but also a higher quality of life.

When you’re ready to buy laminate wood flooring, visit our American Concepts flooring line. We have 10 different floors that are moisture resistant; their lifetime warranty protects for spills that can sit for up to 24-hours. Plus we have 13 other flooring options ranging from 12mm thick with a lifetime warranty to 7mm thick and a 15-year warranty.