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Swiss Krono, LLC • 810 Technology Drive • Barnwell, SC 29812

March 3, 2015

To our valued American Concepts Distributors and Retailers,

In response to your inquiries following a recent 60 Minutes segment on certain laminate flooring made in China, this communication will help answer  questions and equip you with information as you speak with your customers. As you may be experiencing, some consumers are now concerned about the safety of laminate that is imported from China. We want to remind you that you have an effective answer to these consumers concerns, and that is a brand that is made in America and made by Americans.

All 57 decors in the American Concepts laminate flooring line are manufactured by Swiss Krono in our 750,000 square foot factory located in Barnwell, South Carolina.  The plant is approximately 100 miles northwest of Charleston, South Carolina, and we have been producing laminate flooring from this facility since April, 2005. You can confidently offer your customers safe, quality laminate flooring at a reasonable price.

Swiss Krono’s manufacturing standards are among the most stringent in the global laminate flooring industry.  Our U.S. manufacturing practices are compliant with the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure 93120 Title 17, California Code of Regulations, the most restrictive air control law in the United States.  These are the same standards mentioned in the 60 minutes segment, and our American Concepts products meet the CARB Phase 2 standards.

CARB Phase 2 standards are necessary when assessing the core board component of laminate flooring.  All of our laminate core board suppliers have been certified as CARB 2 compliant.  The suppliers have delivered the requisite independent Third Party Certifier documentation to us, and are regularly audited by the Composite Panel Association. We require a chain of custody certificate for all core board that is delivered into our factory for manufacturing.

Current CARB Phase 2 Emissions Standards are shown below.  The core board that we use in the manufacture of all American Concepts products exceeds these standards.

Core board less than 8mm thick: 0.13 PPM (Parts Per Million)

Core board 8mm thick and greater:  0.11 PPM

Please note the CARB Phase 2 requirements apply to the core board.  The laminating process to produce laminate flooring substantially reduces the emissions from the finished flooring planks.  Finally, each flooring collection that we offer has been certified by FloorScore®.

Travis E. Bass

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Norm Voss

Managing Director