acetoneSunscreen includes oily ingredients like Vitamin E and others that can potentially cause a waxy buildup on your American Concepts laminate flooring and leave smudge marks.

The best advice for solving the problem is to avoid spraying sunscreen lotion without first covering the floor. Designate a particular space in your home for sunscreen application, preferably where laminate isn’t installed. Practice standing on an over-sized beach towel whenever using sunscreen to avoid radicals from the spray mixing with dust particles in the air and landing on the floor.

If you’re walking about in your home with sunscreen on, always remember to wear flip-flops or bedroom slippers to avoid direct foot-print smudges on your laminate floor.

To remove sunscreen buildup from your laminate flooring, use a 100% acetone bath wash one day and then return to your normal maintenance routine. Take care to mist the acetone on the floor and then remove it immediately and completely.