Nothing makes holidays merrier than sharing your home with family and friends. But the more isn’t always merrier on a natural wood floor, which can scratch, gouge or be dented by well-meaning company or extra family pets.

But that’s when a laminate wood floor featuring Swiss Krono USA’s Designer Floor Planks will shine.

Our four-layer manufacturing process ensures natural-looking wood planks that can withstand extra wear and tear from people moving in and out of your home, carrying outside dirt and grit onto your floor. Because no matter how much you clean – and let’s face it, a houseful of guests doesn’t always afford time for regular cleaning – that tracked in grit and dirt will dull a wood surface or, worse, scratch or gouge it.

Swiss Krono laminate flooring also is easy to clean. Whether its chocolate, eggnog, wine or pinesap, cleanup is easy with water, a laminate floor cleaner, or 100-percent pure alcohol or acetone. For candle wax or chewing gum, simply scrape it off and finish with the same cleaning regimen. Either way, your Designer Floor Planks will remain as beautiful as the day they were installed.

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