Holidays are the time of year when the cold weather outside your home turns your thoughts to an open fire on the inside. Rest assured that the shine of your Designer Floor Planks laminate floor will enhance the warmth and glow of your well-tended fire.

While standard safety precautions are always recommended – using an adequate fireplace screen and making sure that there is at least 24 inches between your fireplace and your floor – your Swiss Krono USA laminate wood floor gives you an extra gift or protection: Limited exposure to a spark or ember won’t harm a plank.

However, if the exposure is long enough to create a mark that won’t come clean with recommended cleaning procedures, it’s relatively easy to replace a plank. Especially knowing that Swiss Krono finishes each plank with a wear layer that includes UV protection, ensuring a consistent match between new and worn boards. See more about how we manufacture our laminate floor planks here.

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