The World’s Best Workers Make the World’s Best Floors

Swiss Krono FactoryOur modern, state-of-the-art plant in Barnwell, S.C., is an ideal location for accessing wood from sustainable-forest suppliers and for shipping our flooring efficiently. All Swiss Krono USA management, marketing, design, sales and customer service are based here. This is important for a two reasons:

First, we are employing American workers to perform well-paying, highly skilled jobs. American workers craft some of the best wood products in the world. And because we make floors for families to live on — some floors with as much as a lifetime warranty — we believe we need the best workers in the world to make the best floors in the world. Cheap laminate floors or wood panels produced in third-world countries simply don’t meet the quality standards Americans have come to expect … and might not meet our safety standards.

Barnwell CourthouseSecond, we think it is important to support the American economy. After all, a healthy economy means more consumer-spending power. When consumers have jobs and can keep their families housed and fed, only then will they have extra money to spend on redecorating their homes and buying laminate flooring.

We urge all consumers to verify where the products they are buying were made, then to buy American. It means quality and safety, and for some it means a job!