how-to-apply-glue-to-laminate-flooringEven though laminate flooring is a glueless, floating-floor installation system, glue is used as a barrier to prevent moisture from seeping into a joint and penetrating the core where two laminate flooring planks come together. By the way, this does not mean that you don’t have to blot up spills immediately. Even with glued planks, you need to mop up fluids as soon as possible.Where to apply glue? You might consider gluing planks in a mudroom where you come in with snow on your boots, or an area five feet immediately around a water source like in a bath, dishwasher or sink.What kind of glue do you use for laminate-flooring planks?Always use a PVA Type II Glue. Some wood glue has too much moisture in it. Choose one in a bottle that allows you to regulate the amount that comes out because you’ll need very little glue to get the job done.Where do you apply the glue to a laminate flooring plank?Apply the glue on top of the tongue – not in the groove. This limits the amount of glue you need. By being closer to the surface, it also acts as a barrier to topical moisture.”See the diagram to correctly locate the tongue on the plank and where to apply the bead of glue – on top of the tongue.What if you make a mess gluing laminate flooring?Some glue will ooze up and that’s perfectly natural. You can you can just wipe up or let it harden and then scrape it off with a plastic putty knife. (If wiping it up, make sure you get all of it so you don’t leave a glue haze.) On a bevel-edged product, be sure to get the glue out of the bevel. Let it dry for 24 hours and you’re done.