Free Laminate Flooring Samples

Wondering what will your Designer Floor Planks will really look like? Find out with free samples!


You know that buying online saves you money and time. And we know that online shoppers want to feel confident about our laminate floorings color and texture. That’s why we created our free sample program. Now you can see and feel the floor planks in your own home before you buy. And your first two samples are free…no cost for the samples or the shipping.


How to get your Free Laminate Flooring Samples:


  1. Click here on the words “Designer Floor Planks” to go back to the product page.
  2. Select the floor plank category and then product you like by clicking on it.
  3. Click on the “Add Sample to the Cart” button.
  4. If you want to keep shopping, click on that button and choose to add another sample. If done, click on the “View Cart” button in the red bar toward the top.
  5. When you are in your cart, scroll down and select “Proceed to Checkout” and fill in the information on where to send your sample. Notice that your floor plank sample is free of charge and comes with free shipping.
  6. Each sample is actually two planks in the style you selected. Each plank will be approximately 6” long by either 5” wide or 6 1/16” wide. You can “click” the two planks together to demonstrate the locking system and get a bigger example of what the floor might look like.
  7. If you love it like we think you will, simply come back to the website and place your order.

Keep in mind that you’ll get free shipping on all online floor plank orders.

A few notes about our samples:

  • You can order free floor plank samples for up to two different products. Just follow the directions above.
  • If you order three samples, we’ll need to charge you $10 in total; however, the shipping will be free.
  • If you order four samples, we’ll need to charge you $20 in total; however, the shipping will be free.
  • If you order five samples, we’ll need to charge you $30 in total; however, the shipping will be free.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call (866) 892-4633


Browse from our many options when you want, where you want. You’ll find flooring options that are perfect for a modern décor, the urban/industrial look, or a farm house feel.
When you buy direct from our South Carolina factory, you won’t have to pay that retail mark up. It’s the smart way to buy flooring!
Wondering if that floor style will look great in your room? Wonder no more. Our samples are free, and they are shipped to you for free.
No driving to the store. No hauling it home. We’ll do the work and ship it to your home. And we’ll pick up the shipping charges.

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Free Samples / Free Shipping / Free Returns

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