Buying online has changed the way we shop for everything from clothing and groceries to cars and home decor. And now, with free sample and free shipping from Swiss Krono USA, you can transform a room in your home with wood plank walls without leaving your house.

We’re all familiar with the standard process of driving to the paint store. You sort through dozens of color chips. Then you bring home a few sample cans so you can brush small squares of color onto an existing wall. It’s the most practical way to tell how a particular color will before committing to a painting project.

Swiss Krono USA turns “standard” upside down with a new line of Designer Wall Planks. It’s the easier, quicker and less expensive option for creating the one-of-a-kind room of your dreams — all from the comfort of your home.

You can now order free samples of Swiss Krono USA’s six different varieties wood plank walls, so you can see how wall planks will look in your home before you buy. Your first two samples are free, and there’s no cost for shipping.

Uniquely designed for wood plank walls

These laminate wood wall planks are specifically designed for home use and are more durable, more environmentally friendly and less expensive than hardwood wall planks. They’re lighter and easier to handle, with a tongue-and-groove finish that allows you or a professional to install them quickly and easily. No splinters ever! And they’re made for Americans by Americans, right here in Barnwell, South Carolina.

Wood Plank Walls in Rustic Oak  Wood Plank Walls in Weathered Barnwood

Wondering how you can transform a room with wood plank walls? Find out with free samples and free shipping and get a feel for how good Swiss Kronos USA wall planks look and how easily they snap together.

Then place your order online and get busy making your home decorating dreams come true. Click here to buy directly from the manufacturer and save you nearly 30%!

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