wood wall planks

Home decor experts have been writing about the benefits of wainscoting for years. The wood paneling technique adds texture and architectural interest to any room, and now with the emergence of high-quality laminate wood wall planks you can create this classic look quickly and easily all by yourself. Even on just half a wall.

Wainscoting can take many shapes and forms, from the more traditional vertical lines to a horizontal plank look to square and rectangular panels. A quick search of online decor websites can give you dozens of amazing ideas.

HGTV demonstrates classic vertical wainscoting accented with baseboards and chair rails, while Houzz shows inspired homeowners adding wainscoting just about everywhere imaginable: dining room, living room, bedroom, entryway, staircase, bathroom, powder room, mud room, kitchen and hallways.

Change a room’s look and feel

Remodelaholic explains how wainscoting helps enhance a room’s structure and design by splitting the wall into two sections and giving the eye a line to follow — which can help a small room feel bigger or make a very tall space seem more intimate and cozy.

Wainscoting with a ledge on top can become an interesting space for adding decor, including photographs. Used creatively, Remodelaholic says, it can also cover and disguise some of your home’s quirks, such as a utility panel.

A quick and easy way to add wainscoting in your home is using laminate wood wall planks specifically designed for home use. Swiss Krono USA offers Designer Wall Planks in six different natural wood styles that are lighter and easier to handle than hardwood planks, with a tongue-and-groove finish that allows you or a professional to install them quickly and easily. And all are made right here in Barnwell, South Carolina.

Thanks to Swiss Krono USA’s program of free samples and free shipping, it’s easy and inexpensive to try your hand at wainscoting and see how wood wall planks can help transform any room in your home. And when you buy online directly from the Swiss Krono USA factory, you’ll save almost 30%.

With their versatility and installation ease, wood wall planks might just be the quickest and most affordable way to make your room decorating dreams come true.

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