Designer Wal Planks on Kitchen Wall

You’re planning to redecorate a room in your home, starting with the walls. You scour the fashion magazines and home decor web sites and blogs looking for inspiration and come across a plank wall as a hot new trend.

But you have a hard time picturing yourself installing a full wall of wood planks, and you think a professionally installed wall will be too costly. Maybe you’ll just settle for another coat of paint again.

Don’t despair! You can transform your room with a laminate plank wall quicker, easier and less expensively than you ever imagined.

Swiss Krono USA’s Designer Wall Planks feature a tongue-and-groove finish, allowing the planks to snap together horizontally and the rows to sit on top of each other as you build the wall vertically. Plank rows can be attached directly to an existing wall with polyurethane adhesive and small nails in the wall studs.

Honestly, the hardest part of installing a laminate plank wall is making sure the bottom row is level. Then you start stacking and nailing to create your new wall, trimming planks when necessary to fit around windows and electrical outlets.

The installation process is essentially the same if you use laminate wall planks for vertical wainscoting or in a diagonal wall pattern. You can even mix and match Swiss Krono USA’s six different varieties of laminate wood planks since all of our planks come in the same standard size. They’re all made right here in Barnwell, South Carolina. And when you buy online directly from the Swiss Krono USA factory, you’ll save almost 30%.

Each order of Swiss Krono USA Designer Wall Planks arrives (with free shipping!) with detailed installation instructions as well as access to customer support.

Even if you decide to use professional help with your room project, a laminate plank wall remains a great choice. The installation ease will keep your installer’s time and your costs to a minimum.

Swiss Krono USA offers free samples and free shipping for its full line of Designer Wall Planks. Put down the paint brushes and start creating the one-of-a-kind room of your dreams.

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