Wood Plank Walls in Weathered Barnwood


Let’s say you’re targeting a key room in your home for a makeover and looking for creative new ideas. The room itself is fairly plain, with a couple of windows but no real character in the sashes, ceiling moldings or baseboards.

The typical solution is to paint the four walls and call it a day. With just a little imagination, though, wood planks for walls could boost your project to a whole new level and truly transform the room.

Your options are almost unlimited. You can create one accent wall with floor-to-ceiling wood planks, expand length or height in the room via horizontal, vertical or diagonal wood plank designs, or add architectural flair with half-wall wainscoting.

No matter what you do with wood planks for walls, you’ll be creating three-dimensional eye appeal where none existed before. When have you ever gotten that from a can of paint?

Try before you buy with free samples

Swiss Krono USA offers Designer Wall Planks in six different styles and finishes, from Weathered Barnwood to Warm Acacia, to match the room mood you’re looking to establish. all are made right here in Barnwell, South Carolina. And all can be viewed in your home with the free samples program.

These laminate wood planks for walls are specifically designed for home use. They are lighter and easier to handle than hardwood planks, with a tongue-and-groove finish that allows you or a professional to install them quickly and easily. And when you buy online directly from the manufacturer (that’s us), you’ll save almost 30%. Thanks to Swiss Krono USA’s free shipping, it’s even more affordable to put your imagination to the test.

But don’t disregard the paint entirely. You’ll want to find the right color for the other walls to complement your new plank wall, and before you know it your plain room will blossom into a centerpiece of your home.

Put your imagination to work and start creating the one-of-a-kind room of your dreams.

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