WP04 Wall Planks in Living Room With SofaThe wall plank movement started in trendy restaurants, bars and retail stores and has now taken the home decorating world by storm. If you’re interested in adding a wall plank as an accent in your home, one of the first big decisions you’ll make is what material to use.

The ideal scenario, decor web sites and magazines will advise you, is to repurpose aged planks from an old barn. They’re authentically rustic wood planks, a great conversation starter and just lying around doing nothing — thus, the storyline goes, you’ll be able to get them for free (or nearly free) and you’ll do the planet a favor by recycling the wood.

The reality is that most of us don’t have an empty barn on or near our property and the wherewithal to dissemble, transport, disinfect and install barn planks inside our house. Nor do we have easy access to 100-year-old hardwood floorboards that can be converted to wall planks.

So you’ll likely need to purchase wood planks for walls specifically designed for home use, ultimately choosing between solid hardwood planks and laminate wood products. Here are four key reasons to consider laminate on your wall as you move forward with your redecorating project:


Cost. A laminate wall plank lasts longer, installs easier, is more eco-friendly, looks gorgeous and, with their embossed grain or hand-scraped finishes, is impossible to tell apart from hardwoods. They are usually much less expensive than hardwood wall planks. And when you buy online directly from the Swiss Krono USA factory, you’ll save almost 30%.

Durability. A high-quality laminate wall plank is resistant to wear, fading and staining, so your wall will look as good as it did the day you installed it after 30 years or more.


Installation. Since Swiss Krono USA’s Designer Wall Planks feature a tongue-and-groove finish, you or a professional can install them quickly and easily. There’s also no sanding or curing time required. A laminate wall plank is lighter, easier to handle while installing … and no splinters ever!


Environment. Laminate wall planks are made from wood, but the use of sustainable pine trees from ecological forest-thinning operations and the absence of harmful chemicals in Swiss Krono’s manufacturing processes give their laminates a significant advantage over hardwoods.


Made in America. That’s right…they’re all made right here in Barnwell, South Carolina.

Swiss Krono USA offers six different varieties of Designer Wall Planks, with free samples and free shipping. Stop searching for abandoned barns and start creating the room of your dreams.

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