Laminate Wood Planks a Better Choice Than Vinyl Plank Flooring on Walls

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More and more homeowners are embracing the wall plank trend in order to transform a room, entryway or staircase. And it’s becoming clear that repurposing old hardwood boards isn’t an option for most of us. Real hardwood is scarce, expensive and difficult to install on your own.

More affordable alternatives include laminate floor planks and vinyl plank flooring. Both products offer a realistic hardwood appearance with easier installation, and both resist scratches and fading thanks to protective outer layers.

But there’s a big difference between the two surfaces: Laminate planks are made from real wood timber, while vinyl planks are plastic created from crude oil.

Choose planks that are great for your room and for the planet

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) planks are made of plastic with an image of wood on the surface. The primary components of vinyl floorcoverings include polyvinyl chloride resins, plasticizers, pigments, trace stabilizers and a carrier sheet or backing. Polyvinyl chloride is made from ethylene, which comes from crude oil, a non-renewable resource.

Swiss Krono USA manufactures its laminate wood wall planks right here in Barnwell, South Carolina. Our planks are crafted with ecologically sustainable pine trees for the look of hardwoods without harming exotic or endangered species. Each plank is finished with unique wood grain patterns and a strong overlay layer that shields the color from harmful ultraviolet rays that could fade it. A final debossing process adds the feel of textured wood grain.

The new line of Designer Wall Planks features six natural wood styles with a tongue-and-groove finish that allows the planks to snap together, so installing laminate planks on a wall is quick and easy in any space. The planks have the rigidity of wood and the look and feel of wood because they’re made from wood.

Swiss Krono USA’s free sample is a convenient and cost effective way to touch and see our laminate floor planks. You can order them online. And when you are ready, buy your planks online directly from the manufacturer (that’s us), you’ll save nearly 30%. Plus we have free shipping!

If you’re considering a project with vinyl plank flooring on walls, take a closer look at laminate wood planks from Swiss Krono USA — and start creating the one-of-a-kind room of your dreams.

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