Add a Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Quickly, Easily and With No Splinters

Distressed wood wall in Weathered BarnwoodDistressed wood walls are featured in home decorating trend articles and photo spreads more and more these days. Fashion web sites and magazines everywhere are touting how reclaimed wood accent walls can give your home’s interior a more rustic and vintage look.

Home decor photographers seem to have access to lots of authentic weathered barn planks and hardwood floorboards when shooting their fashion layouts, but how about the rest of us? You likely don’t have the same budget or time availability of national magazine editors and designers.

So how do you duplicate the look and feel of rustic wood planks in your home without breaking the bank or your back? Today’s new generation of laminate wall planks could be the right answer.

Made from real wood

Swiss Krono USA’s Designer Wall Planks come in six different styles, four of which offer a rustic-looking finish: Seasoned Timber, Distressed Woodland, Weathered Barnwood and Reclaimed Oak. And all are made here in Barnwell, South Carolina.

These rustic wood planks are specifically designed for home use and are more durable, more environmentally friendly and less expensive than hardwood planks. They’re lighter and easier to handle, with a tongue-and-groove finish that allows you or a professional to install them quickly and easily. No splinters ever!

Swiss Krono USA manufactures its laminate wood wall planks from real wood, finishing each plank with unique wood grain patterns and a strong overlay layer that shields the color from harmful ultraviolet rays that could fade it — after all, most people like big windows that sometimes provide prolonged sunlight. A final debossing process adds the feel of textured wood grain.

So why not add a three-dimensional reclaimed wood look and feel to rooms in your home at a fraction of the cost and time compared to hardwood? When you buy online directly from the manufacturer, like us, you’ll save up to 30%! And there’s no risk thanks to free samples from Swiss Krono USA.

Stop pulling splinters and start creating the room of your dreams.

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