Limited Commercial Warranty

If you have purchased laminate flooring manufactured or distributed by Swiss Krono and the packaging indicates that the item carries a limited commercial warranty, Swiss Krono will honor the terms contained in the residential warranty for the number of years listed as “commercial” when the floor is installed in a light commercial setting provided that you follow all of the instructions in the residential warranty, including installation and maintenance instructions.

Appropriate light commercial settings include professional offices and other businesses that do not require wet mopping and/or cleaning with harsh chemicals as well as businesses that do not require machinery or other heavy objects to be placed or moved across the laminate floor. Examples of commercial settings that may be suitable for laminate flooring include legal offices, jewelry stores, art galleries, counseling offices, and gift stores/boutiques. Medical examination rooms, public restrooms and bars/pubs would not be suitable for laminate flooring and any commercial warranty from Swiss Krono would not include flooring installed in such commercial settings.