Wood Flooring Trends in 2018

There’s no better time to update your home with new flooring than now. With fresh new trends in wood flooring for 2018, there are plenty of styles to choose from to fit your personal taste and home decor. We’ve rounded up the best of wood flooring for the upcoming year below. Scroll down to see them all!


A more modern approach to flooring, gray floors have become increasingly popular for homes that will continue into the new year. These cooler-toned wood floors add a subtly chic and contemporary touch to your home without being too loud. Once overshadowed by darker hues, gray wood floors are the perfect solution if you’re going for a light and airy feel throughout your home.


Another on-trend look for home decor, natural wood flooring gives the same light feel as grayscale with a much warmer vibe. Ranging from bohemian to traditional styles, natural wood flooring pairs well with almost any decor while still remaining on-trend. The neutral tones are incredibly versatile and timeless, making this a trend that will be here to stay.


While dark wood flooring has been a staple for a while, it’s no longer just reserved for rustic or traditional homes anymore. Rich espresso floors can be placed against stark white kitchens or bright open living areas for a luxurious feel. These floors can add drama to otherwise quiet spaces and make the perfect statement, particularly when paired with distressed textures.


Taking a traditional wood flooring and mixing up its pattern placement can create a whole new look in your home. This creative approach to flooring will be seen more and more throughout 2018 and beyond, giving modern homes an eclectic and cool look. With a variety of patterns to play with, it gives you endless options in personalizing your home’s flooring.



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