Guide To Picking Flooring For Your Home Decor

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The right flooring has the power to tie your entire interior design aesthetic together — creating a cohesive look that reflects your unique style. And many homeowners think there’s nothing quite like the look of hardwood to give their space a dose of elegant charm.

Luckily, with designer laminate wood flooring, you can give your home a luxurious upgrade without the luxury price tag. And with so many style options to choose from, your biggest challenge will be choosing your favorite. (But don’t worry; with our free samples you won’t run the risk of getting stuck with floors you don’t love.)

So if you’re considering making the switch to designer laminate wood flooring (good choice!), the following are some of our top wood laminate styles to pair with your preferred home decor style.

Mid-Century Modern

Characterized by its clean lines and gentle curves, mid-century modern decor has made a big comeback in recent years. It’s the ideal aesthetic for minimalists, as it prioritizes function over form. But what makes the mid-century modern style especially unique is that it expertly combines sometimes-contrasting materials and colors (think: natural wood tones mixed with ‘60s mod pops of color) to create a warm, yet modern, living space. Our favorite laminate wood styles for the mid-century modern design aesthetic are:



Inspired by the ocean, the coastal aesthetic is characterized by fresh, cool tones. Whether you live near the coast — or just want to feel like you do — coastal-themed decor is the perfect way to create your very own beach escape regardless of where you live. We recommend choosing colors in the gray/white family. If you prefer a more traditional wood, opt for a style with blue undertones. Some of our favorites?


Bohemian/Boho Chic

Featuring rich colors and an eclectic mix of the old and new, the boho chic style exudes carefree, worldly charm. This casual style creates a warm, inviting atmosphere inspired by the bohemian traveler of the 1970s. Because warmer tones complement this home decor style best, we recommend the following styles.



Once relegated to hip, urban lofts and converted warehouses, the industrial design trend has continually picked up steam and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Characterized by elements such as exposed brick, mixed metals and wooden accents, it has a masculine, yet elegant charm. If you’re drawn to the industrial aesthetic, you’ll find the following wood laminate flooring options will integrate nicely into your design scheme.


Shabby Chic

The cottage-inspired shabby chic design style is soft and feminine while maintaining a rustic, primitive quality. It features weathered wood, subtle floral patterns and muted colors. This is another style that works best with cool tones, ensuring the space feels airy and bright. While the coastal flooring options will all work seamlessly with shabby chic decor, we also recommend considering the following options to complement your space.



The transitional style is one of broad appeal, as it’s the most versatile. This approach is ideal for anyone who is hesitant to fully commit to a complete interior design overhaul. It allows you to incorporate fun, trendy pieces while maintaining an overall classic look. The following laminate wood styles allow for the same versatility as the transitional decor aesthetic.



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