DIY Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

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It’s a common misconception that transforming your house has to be a long, grueling process in which you need to invest countless hours and a lot of money.

With sites like Pinterest and home improvement shows on HGTV, it has become easier than ever before to give your house a refreshing update in just one weekend.

If you have a few hours to spare this weekend, give some these home improvement projects a shot to update your home and invigorate stale living spaces.

Repaint Your Front Door

What better way to spruce up your home’s curb appeal than to update the first thing people see? If your home currently sports chipping, dull paint consider going to the store and picking up a cheerfully bright color.

Colors like turquoise, yellow, and burnt orange are unlikely, eye-catching door colors that will bring cheer to your front porch just in time for summer.

Bring New Life to Your Walls

One of the more common areas that homeowners flock to update when they get the time to finally do a home project is the home’s walls. They are an obvious focal point, and when you walk into a home they’re the most noticeable change in the room.

Changing your current wall color for a brighter color or one completely different than the one you currently have will undoubtedly bring new life into your living space.

If you don’t think you can finish painting all the walls in your home in one weekend, a good alternative is creating a few accent walls in common spaces, like living rooms and kitchens.

Adding designer wall planks as an accent wall is a great way to incorporate in an entirely different decor style into your home. Wall planks like Weathered Barnwood and Warm Acacia are great statement pieces that can be easily installed in one weekend.

Update Your Floor

Installing new floor laminate planks in a weekend is a lot easier than it sounds. With free samples and free shipping from Swiss Krono USA, it’s easier than ever before to give your floors a whole new life in a short amount of time.

Because laminate flooring is affected by the temperature and humidity in which it resides, you need to allow your laminate planks to acclimate to your home’s temperature for at least 48 hours before the actual installation.

So you’ll want to order your planks at least two days before the weekend that you plan on installing your floors.

Making sure to have all the right tools will also help the project get finished in a weekend, check out the full list of tools on our installation FAQs page.



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