Best Laminate Floors to Completely Transform Your Home

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Whether you’re transitioning your home’s aesthetic or simply trying to shake things up with a floor makeover, installing new laminate wood flooring can provide the invigorating transformation you need to make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Laminate wood flooring is a durable option that offers a range of colors, textures and plank size options to transform your home for far less than you’d pay for hardwood floors. Below are four home looks you can achieve when you remodel your flooring with designer floor planks from Swiss Krono.



A lived-in feeling is the key trend homeowners want to focus on when trying to achieve the rustic style. Rugged, distressed, reclaimed-looking laminate is a staple to achieving the natural rawness that defines this look.

Dark, wide planks like Distressed Dark Oak and Dark Knotty Oak are two laminate decors we offer to revamp your home’s current atmosphere into a warm, grainy ambiance.

Mid-Century Modern

Characterized by geometric shapes and earthy textures, mid-century modern was recently revived back into modern home decorating trends. A steady balance between the pieces that convey the mid-century look and pieces that are sleek or contemporary has to be achieved in order to keep the overall look from feeling stale and dated.

Cutting Board Stripes is the perfect laminate to choose if you want your home’s flooring to be the principal accent conveying the mid-century modern style.

If you’re planning on filling your home with bold accessories, opting for a more simplistic laminate like Grassy Maple Creek is more suited for your decor.


Coastal, or beach chic, is commonly defined by its use of airy, white-washed colors that transport you to a beachside Hamptons bungalow as soon as you step foot in your home. Avoid cheesy flamingos and cliché palm trees and go for wicker accessories that match your wood laminate to ensure your home doesn’t ooze Margaritaville.

Sand Washed Pine is the perfect cool toned laminate to convey relaxation. If you are trying to achieve a stark, dramatic backdrop, Charcoal Sandalwood would be the ideal darker gray for you.



Rich, dark wood floors and an intricate layering of accessories are fundamental aspects of traditional home decor. Throw in floral patterned upholstery and you will swear you are back in your childhood home.

Recreate the homey look without the stuffy, dated feel by mixing in vintage accessories with more modern furniture. Cocoashell Oak and Dash Oak are the perfect laminates to convey the comfortable charm of traditional decor.

Wood laminate floor planks offer an endless amount of options to give your home the refreshing update it needs. And with free flooring samples, it’s easier than ever to see your potential laminate choice in your home before you buy.



Browse from our many options when you want, where you want. You’ll find flooring options that are perfect for a modern décor, the urban/industrial look, or a farm house feel.


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