Articles About Why Laminate?

If you’re ready to redecorate, we’re ready to help. We’ll help in lots of ways, from understanding what laminate is and why it’s better than hardwood floors to narrowing your choices to one that’s right for you.

Easy Laminate Installation Saves You Money

Easy Laminate Installation Saves You Money Save Up TO 30% OFF You’re ready to transform a room or hallway in your home with laminate flooring, and you’re hoping to save money by installing Designer Floor Planks yourself. Swiss Krono USA offers a wealth of advice and... Read More
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Laminate Flooring Sale

Laminate Flooring Sale Makes It Easy to Update Your Home for Less Save Up TO 30% OFF There’s no mistaking the breath of fresh air that comes with a new floor in your home. Either you just can’t stand your worn-out, scratched-up hardwoods anymore, or the spills and... Read More
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Buying Laminate Flooring Online And Its Benefits

How to Save Money on Laminate Flooring When You Buy Online Save Up TO 30% OFF You’ve decided it’s time to update a room or hallway in your home, and laminate wood flooring is an intriguing option. People often instinctively stick with the familiar — old hardwoods are... Read More
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What Is Laminate Flooring and How Is It Made?

It’s an amazing manufacturing process by which four layers are fused together in a single press operation at high heat at over 300˚F using direct-pressure laminate (DPL) construction. DPL is the most typical fusing method used to manufacture residential laminate... Read More
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Healthy Homes Start at the Floor

For years now, we’ve been taking the recycling bin to the curb, buying organic food, and making a conscious effort to be less wasteful. But while many brands and consumers have been focused on doing what’s good for the planet, many of us have neglected to do what’s... Read More
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The World’s Best Workers Make the Best Floors

Our modern, state-of-the-art plant in Barnwell, S.C., is an ideal location for accessing wood from sustainable-forest suppliers and for shipping our flooring efficiently. All Swiss Krono USA management, marketing, design, sales and customer service staff are based... Read More
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