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AcclimationBasement Beginning Installation Chipping Chipped Boards Concrete Walls Conditions Cork Underlayment Cutting Planks Different Locking System End Joints Expansion Gaps Exterior Doorway Fireplace/Woodstove Floating Floor Hallways Installation Instructions Kitchen Last Piece Leveling a Subfloor Mobile Homes Moisture Test Moldings Moving a Floor Narrowest Piece New Construction Pull Bar Sound Quality Square Footage Staining Flooring Stairs T-Molding Tongue vs. Groove Underfloor Heating Underlayment Weight Wires and Cables _   Acclimation: Why is it important to allow planks to acclimate? Swiss Krono flooring, like all laminate flooring, is made from a high-density fiberboard core that will shrink or swell depending on its temperature and surrounding humidity. Because these conditions vary greatly from the inside of a store or warehouse to your home, planks need time to acclimate so that they will fit properly, preventing gaps or buckling. This should be done by laying each box flat, side-by-side, for at least 48 hours in the center of the room in which they will be installed. Basement: Can Swiss Krono laminate flooring be used in any basement? Laminate flooring and basementsare made for each other, provided the environment has the right conditions. Here are the conditions in which Swiss Krono laminate flooring can be installed: The space is below grade with at least one concrete wall; The concrete-slab floor must have been poured with a poly sheet underneath it. This helps protect against changes in hydrostatic pressure and controls the curing process; The concrete-slab floor must be more than 90 days old (so that it’s adequately cured); It can have a “walk-out” onto a patio area or walkway; and It cannot have a... Read More